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Lappeenrannan Kisa-Toverit (LrKT), originally a multi-sport club, is at the moment mainly a competition and hobby swimming club from Lappeenranta, Finland. In addition to swimming, the fitness division of the club plays petanque and the touring division has arranged tours.

Contact Details, Club Administration

Juho Ratava
Katajakatu 9 B 7
FI-53810 Lappeenranta
+358 50 512 4389

Minna Hiltunen
Pienmäentie 28
FI-53400 Lappeenranta
+358 40 702 2052

Minna Pesu
Liittokatu 12
FI-53300 Lappeenranta
+358 50 560 2832

Contact Details, Swimming

Coaches’ mailing list
coaches (at) lrkt (dot) fi

Juho Ratava
Head coach & competition registrations
+358 50 512 4389

Blogs and Social Media

The club swimming division is an active user of Twitter (@LrKT) and our Facebook page can be found at You may also be interested in English-language blog posts on this site.

Brief Club History

Lappeenrannan Kisa-Toverit (lit. Sports Fellows of Lappeenranta) was found in 1960. The club started operating as a general sports club and during its history has had teams playing many sports including but not limited to ice hockey, bandy, volleyball and rinkball. At the moment, the organization is mainly a swimming club. Originally, the swimming exercises started in Lappeenranta swimming pool in the city center, but after Lauritsala swimming pool was completed, the club started to organize exercises there, as well. At the moment, the club mainly trains in Lauritsala. In 2016, the club has over 80 active swimmers.

In addition to the swimming division, the club has a fitness division and touring division. The fitness division mainly plays petanque and is assembled once a week at the Tirilä sports field during summer. In addition, the fitness division organizes other events as well as participates on events organized by others. The tourning division organizes tours, the best known being the skiing tours to Ylläs in Finnish Lapland (which are at the moment/2010 suspended -Editor).

The aim of the club is to offer varied and incentive sports activities to children, youth and the whole family. The swimming exercises are organized also for adults (”Masters” team). Children and adults have the chance to train under the supervision of trainers, experience new things, have new friends and enjoy success and learning. In chilren’s sports the training is at the children’s terms, encouraging for well-rounded exercise.

In addition to regular swimming exercises the club organizes other activities. In addition to our own swimming competitions our team co-operates with other teams in organizing for example skiing, ice fishing and petanque competitions. The goal is also to organize camps for the swimmers. Before winter holidays, the club comes together in a common Christmas party (for the whole family). Parent’s evenings, lectures and other meets are organized as necessary.