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Norppauinnit 2015 aikataulu ja lähtölistat / schedule and heats

Norppauintien 2015 lähtölistat on nyt tehty ja virallinen aikataulu laskettu. Näet tiedot kilpailusivulta. Lähtölistoja on saatavilla myös kilpailupaikalla.

The heats have been seeded and the official schedule calculated for Norppauinnit 2015. You can see the information on the competition page. Copies of the heat lists will be available on the competition site.

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Norppauinnit 2015 – swimming competition invite and registration

Lappeenrannan Kisa-Toverit r.y. organizes open national Norppauinnit 2015 (”Seal Swim 2015”) competition under Finnish Swimming Association rules in Lappeenranta swimming hall (Pohjolankatu 29, FI-53100 Lappeenranta) on Saturday, November 7th 2015 at noon. Warm up begins at 11 o’clock. The pool is 25 meters long and has eight lanes. Automatic electronic timekeeping will be used.

Swimmers of all FINA member associations are welcome to take part on open competitions in Finland. Since foreign clubs do not have access to Octo (the online Finnish Swimming Association competition registration system), we’ll need the registration information by e-mail. Swimmers are welcome to compete in any event having their age group, or older age group if their age group is not available. The exception is Masters events which are limited for swimmers of 25 years of age or older. There is no limit on events per swimmer, though do note that on the recent years, the competition has been rather short (approximately three hours from first event to all done) so rest times may be short if the swimmer is swimming very many events.

The full event list is as follows:

1. Girls 10, 14, Women 50m butterfly
2. Masters Women 50m fly
3. Boys 10, 14, Men 50m fly
4. Masters Men 50m fly
5. G12, 16, W 100m medley
6. Masters W 100m medley
7. B12, 16, M 100m medley
8. Masters M 100m medley
(short pause for award ceremonies)
9. G10, 14, W 50m backstroke
10. Masters W 50m back
11. B10, 14, M 50m back
12. Masters M 50m back
13. G12, 16, W 100m back
14. Masters W 100m back
15. B12, 16, M 100m back
16. Masters M 100m back
(pause & awards)
17. G10, 14, W 50m breaststroke
18. Masters W 50m breast
19. B10, 14, M 50m breast
20. Masters M 50m breast
21. G12, 16, W 100m breast
22. Masters W 100m breast
23. B12, 16, M 100m breast
24. Masters M 100m breast
(pause & awards)
25. G10, 14, W 50m freestyle
26. Masters W 50m free
27. B10, 14, M 50m free
28. Masters M 50m free
29. G12, 16, W 100m free
30. Masters W 100m free
31. B12, 16, M 100m free
32. Masters M 100m free
(award ceremonies and competition over)

To register, we need the following information sent to by email to kilpailut (at) lrkt (period) fi, please:

  • Team name and abbreviation/ticker – for example, the organizing team is ”Lappeenrannan Kisa-Toverit (LrKT)”.
  • For each swimmer: name, year of birth and events to swim.

Events preferably in the following format: Event number, age group, distance, style, seed time, pool length for seed time. (Seed times swum in long course pools will be compensated as per rules for Finnish Championships, -1.5 seconds / 50m for breaststroke and -1.0 / 50m for other strokes. It is also possible to register with no seed times.)

Example plain text:
Firstname Lastname (2004):
7. B12 100m medley (no time)
11. B14 50m back 0:45,67 (50m)
31. B12 100m free 1:23,45 (25m)

MS Office or ODF file formats are also acceptable, as long as the above information is contained within.

I will use the event number and age group, distance and stroke to double check so I can be sure I get the information right. In case you don’t get a reply email on the registration message within a day or two, please try to contact again, either by e-mail to me (juho (at) lrkt (dot) fi) or call +358 50 512 4389 to make sure the registration is ok. The registration deadline is 2015-10-31 (Saturday, October 31st). For registrations until then, the registration fee is 7.00 EUR per each start (e.g. multiply the total number of event registrations for your club by 7.00 EUR). We greatly prefer registration fees to be paid by bank transfer if at all possible to

IBAN: FI42 5620 6040 0157 25, SWIFT/BIC: OKOYFIHH

However, it is also possible to pay on-site by cash. Please mention this in your registration email.

We accept late registrations by e-mail until Thursday, November 5th. (Heats will be seeded and final schedule made on Friday.) Late registration on-site may be possible if there are free lanes on existing heats. The registration fee for registrations after October 31st is 21.00 EUR for each event. Starts cancelled before the registration deadline need not to be paid, but start fees for registrations cancelled after October 31st will not be refunded. If the swimmer will be absent or does not start, there is no penalty for not cancelling a registered start, but we greatly appreciate getting advance notice in those cases even after the registration deadline.

Best regards,

Juho Ratava

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Instructions for swim meet audience and competitors

  • You’ll find the locker keys from the locker doors
  • Team managers and coaches, make sure that your team leaves their keys to the locker doors after competition.
  • There should be enough lockers also for the audience.
  • You can access the spectator area via the pool deck.
  • Entry to the spectator area only in indoor shoes. You may change shoes in the locker rooms.
  • No glass to the showers or the pool deck (including the spectator area), please!
  • The diving and kids’ pools are for competition warm-up or recovery swims.
  • Use of diving boards, platforms, the water slide and climbing wall during the warm-up and the competition is forbidden.
  • Once the electronic timekeeping panels have been installed, exit from the deep end of the competition pool only by using the ladders.
  • The results will be displayed on the cafeteria wall and after competition at
  • The competition office is downstairs, entry via the stairs left from the front door.

Instructions for swimmers:

  1. Check beforehand when your start is. You’ll find a list of heats from your team manager or coach, or from the corridor next to the cafeteria.
  2. Arrive to the marshalling area between the kids’ pool and the cafeteria for a roll call.
  3. After your name has been called, please sit on the indicated chair (you may still warm-up etc. after the call is finished). You will be escorted to the start.
  4. Take off your clothes and check your equipment the latest when you hear a series of whistles.
  5. Get on the blocks after you hear a long whistle. (In backstroke, get to the water on the first long whistle and grab the handles on the second.)
  6. Take your marks (get ready to start) when you hear the command ”PAIKOILLENNE”. Wait for the start signal without moving.
  7. After finishing your swim, exit the pool using the ladders on the sides. Do not to block other swimmers from finishing their swim.